Narro Voices (en)

New! Create a Rotation of Voices

Choose your default voice for incoming Narro readings.

These are high-quality voices and very easy to hear.

Joanna (Female, en-US)

Geraint (Male, en-GB-WLS)

Salli (Female, en-US)

Kimberly (Female, en-US)

Kendra (Female, en-US)

Justin (Male, en-US)

Joey (Male, en-US)

Ivy (Female, en-US)

Raveena (Female, en-IN)

Emma (Female, en-GB)

Brian (Male, en-GB)

Amy (Female, en-GB)

Russell (Male, en-AU)

Nicole (Female, en-AU)

These voices are professional-quality, AI-generated voices and are amazingly easy to hear.

These voices are available to Narro Pro accounts at a rate of $2/hr for each hour of audio generated.

en-US-Wavenet-D (male, en-US)

en-AU-Wavenet-A (female, en-AU)

en-AU-Wavenet-B (male, en-AU)

en-AU-Wavenet-C (female, en-AU)

en-AU-Wavenet-D (male, en-AU)

en-GB-Wavenet-A (female, en-GB)

en-GB-Wavenet-B (male, en-GB)

en-GB-Wavenet-C (female, en-GB)

en-GB-Wavenet-D (male, en-GB)

en-US-Wavenet-A (male, en-US)

en-US-Wavenet-B (male, en-US)

en-US-Wavenet-C (female, en-US)

en-US-Wavenet-E (female, en-US)

en-US-Wavenet-F (female, en-US)

These are classic, standard-quality voices.

Alex (Male, en-US)

Allison (Female, en-US)

Ava (Female, en-US)

Kathy (Female, en-US)

Samantha (Female, en-US)

Susan (Female, en-US)

Vicki (Female, en-US)

Victoria (Female, en-US)

Bruce (Male, en-US)

Fred (Male, en-US)

Tom (Male, en-US)