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Enjoy your choice of 25+ voices and automatic detection of 12+ languages.


Choose your personalized podcast URL, automatically syndicated.


All readings are archived, searchable, and shareable only by you.

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Gain access to Narro apps (iOS, Android, Chrome) and Narro submission tools.

Questions About Upgrading

What does it mean to be charged per hour?

Charges are accrued for each hour of audio generated, at the time of generation. You are only charged when audio is generated. Listen and share as many times as you like! We charge your payment source weekly, or once you have accrued charges over $5 in a day, whichever comes first.

How much does an article reading cost?

The cost of a reading will vary with the length of the text, but it tends to average less than $0.10 per article (3 pages of text). Even for long books transcribed with Narro, the cost is usually less than $10.

How are payments processed securely?

Narro member payments are secured and transmitted via Stripe. Currently, we are exploring the ability to accept payments via PayPal in the future.

How can I unsubscribe and stop payments?

If, at any time, you wish to cancel your Narro Pro subscription, simply go to your account page and click the button to "Cancel Pro Subscription." After that, you will no longer be charged (or have access to Pro features), and you can upgrade again at any time.