Narro for Publishers

Control Text Parsing for Your Site With HTML

To control Narro's parser on your own site, you can use the Open Graph protocol.

Embeddable, One-Click Button

An embeddable button is available for use on any site/page. Simple instructions for the embeddable Narro button can be found here.

Syndicate Your Site as a Podcast

Narro can automatically make your site feed into a podcast! Control automated ad-insertion into the readings generated for your site. Please reach out to us to request access.

Opt out of Text Parsing for Your Site

Most publishers value the increased engagement, retention, and social interaction that Narro encourages among their readership. But any publisher can choose to opt out of Narro text-parsing compatibility.

To opt out, have your site's legal owner or copyright agent click here to contact Narro with the internet domain name(s) of the site(s) you wish to opt out of text-parser compatibility. Please provide contact information for identity verification, including a daytime office phone number.