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TL;DR: Listen to your reading list as a podcast on Narro.
Free online, in Chrome, in Google Play, and in the App Store; $2/hour of audio generated.
Pretty much the best thing to happen to your morning commute.

What is Narro?

Narro turns your bookmarks and your endless reading list into a personal podcast. You can listen to that podcast on any device, in (almost) any podcast player, and you can share it with anyone else. You can send articles, arbitrary web pages, and even plain text to Narro from your iOS devices, desktop web-browser, or other integrations (like Pocket, Instapaper, email, IFTTT!). Listening to your personal Narro podcast is so easy, many users listen for hours on end.

Narro is press-friendly, too! Every Narro download or free account starts with at least one reading, and you can always add more.

Need to talk? [email protected]

What are the key features?

How much does it cost?

Narro is available online and directly from the App Store worldwide and is free to use for 15 articles each month. Upgrading to Narro Pro yields unlimited articles and a host of other features for $2/hour of audio generated.

iTunes App Store page

Google Play Store page

Chrome extension page

Who builds Narro?

Josh Beckman. He's a developer and avid listener living in downtown Chicago. You can reach him at [email protected].

Do users like Narro?

In short, yes!

I have listened to 26 articles on @NarroApp and I feel amazing!

— Robert Pop (@RobertPop) March 23, 2016

Since Narro reads in many, many languages, users across the globe recommend it as well:

Mijn @Tech45cast tip is @narroapp! Handig om text van websites / RSS feeds / instapaper / pocket als een podcast te beluisteren.

— StefaanLesage (@StefaanLesage) February 23, 2016

You can find @NarroApp on Twitter and promoting open-source software as an organization on GitHub.

How does it look?




Demo gif (saving via bookmarklet)

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