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Job negotiation for

You need to negotiate at a new job: for your salary, or benefits, or my personal favorite, a shorter workweek. You’re not sure what to do, or how to approach it, or what to say when the company says “how much do you want?” or “here’s our offer—what do you say?” Here’s the thing: that final conversation about salary might be the most nerve-wracking part, but the negotiation process starts much much earlier. Which means you can enter that final conversation having positioned yourself for success—and feeling less stressed about it too. The way you can do that is following certain basic principles, which I’ll be covering in this article. I’m going to be focusing on salary negotiation as an example, but the same principles will apply when negotiating for a shorter workweek. In particular, I’ll be talking about: An example from early in my career when I negotiated very very badly. The right way to negotiate, based on four principles: Employment is a negotiated relationship. Knowledge is power. Negotiate from a position of strength. Use the right tactics.

Created 11/27/2019