Helpful/Skeptical FAQ

What is Narro?

Narro is a website-to-audio converter for your reading list.

Narro will take your bookmarked articles and read them back to you as a podcast, shareable with anyone and downloadable onto any device. Install the bookmarklet, browser extension, or phone app and submit articles to your feed with one click.

If you never find the time to read all of your bookmarks or articles, send them to Narro and listen to them at your leisure. Subscribe to your personal, automatically generated podcast and your articles will be downloaded to your phone or other devices.

How do I use Narro?

Find an article online - preferably, a good one. Copy the URL or link for that page and paste it into the text input on your Narro home page. If you're using the Narro browser extension or bookmarklet, just click that while directly on the page! If you've downloaded the Narro iOS or Android app, just touch the share button while directly on the URL (after logging into the app, of course). You can explore the multitude of Narro apps and methods of article submission on the Narro integrations page.

After you have submitted an article or web page to Narro, it will be transcribed to audio in the background. Narro will automatically strip out everything but the main text and will automatically detect the language in which it was written. Within a few seconds, the reading will be complete and available in your Narro feed and home page. You can listen to it there or you can listen in any podcast player! Your personal Narro podcast can be played and subscribed to on any device that plays podcasts. You can find instructions for subscribing to your Narro podcast in several players on the recommended players page.

That's it! As you find other articles online, send them to Narro and they will appear, transcribed to audio, in your Narro podcast. Then listen to those articles on your way to work, at the gym, or anywhere you like. You may want to upgrade to Narro Pro to get powerful features like plain text submission, YouTube audio extraction, and RSS feed ingestion into Narro.

Can I make suggestions?

Please make suggestions! If you have an idea to make Narro better or simply find a bug somewhere, please don't hesitate to contact me here any time.

Who are you?

I'm , the person who builds and runs Narro. I'm an avid reader and listener making imaginary machines.

I hope you don’t mind that I used "I" instead of "we" here — it made sense for this to be personable, rather than the way I upgrade to "we" in legalese and the privacy policy so I don’t get in trouble if I hire someone in the future and forget to change the pronouns everywhere.